Tekle Yeshaw Response to Bisrat Amare - Axum, Atse Yohannes

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Tekle Yeshaw Response to Bisrat Amare - Axum, Atse Yohannes
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commenter - 1327 days ago
fuck tekle kiletam shimagle minim atakim zinbleh taxi nida ....
commenter - 1406 days ago
Stupid DonQoRo Go back to School and learn More History U Bastard Coward Amhara wone be Agaw 9 Libu Say thanx to Yohanis Yo axss was Saved.
commenter - 1493 days ago
የአክሱም ሃውልት የበሰበሰ ድንጋይ ነው። ለኛ ምን ያረግልናል? ይህን ያክል የሚጨንቀን ነው እንዴ?
commenter - 1502 days ago
You are hero!Tekele you are a true Ethiopian. Don't expect anything from these liar, stupid, wicked, irresponsible and infidel woyanes. I used to work in one government office with them; I know them very well they don't no their limitation. They write every thing they saw in their nightmare.
I respect Atse Yohannes. He is our king but he has his own limitation.
For example:
1.\tYohannes was a sworn enemy of Atse Tewodros II. He gave logistical and political support to the British forces that arrived to defeat Emperor Twodros in 1868 at Magdala, Begemder (Gonder). For these Kassa (Yohannes) rewarded by the Britsh General Napier with 12 Mortar, 900 guns and a large quantity of bullets.
2.\tAtse Yohannese was anti-Muslim he forcibly converted Ethiopian Muslems to Christianity. Some of them fled the country to Sudan as a refugee.
Devil hates people like Ethiopia who are faithful to God. So Satan created TPLF by his image to destroy Ethiopia.
Don’t expect good things from tyranny TPLF-Woyanes who are sent by their boss Satan to destroy Ethiopia.
From its very nature I never expect peace, stability and fairness from these lire, wicked, racist and fascist Woyane regime.


o\tThere is no peace between Satan and God. So, woyane - TPLF with its boss Satan shall be thrown into the fire. Hallelujah. Amen!
o\tWithout blood Ethiopia country can not be healed.
commenter - 1558 days ago

This guy is stupid he does not know what he is talking about. The Hewett Treaty signed eight months before the Italian occupation of Massaw. It is sad our country is engulfed by such illiterate persons.According to Paul Henze, the Hewett Treaty was short lived because of two factors. In 1885 the Italian flag was raised together with Egyptian banner in Massawa because the British secretly conceded the Italian move, as the same Atse Yohannes was abstracted by revolt in Wollo. On the other front Atse Menelik was collaborating with Italians to remain neutral if conflict started and promised rifles. Atse Yohannes embroil war in three fronts i.e. Italy, Mahdists and Minilik to weaken Ethiopia. He chose to the external enemy the Mahdists and lost his life at near end of victory on 9 March 1889. (Layers of Time P. 156) Professor Getachew went on to say Atse Menelik as candid and clever leader but history tells otherwise. Yohannes’s attempt to full his part of Hewett treaty a passage in a manuscript by the Mahdists historian Ismailb, Abad al-Qadir, it appears that Alula’s role in these developments was not underestimated in Umm Durman: When Yuhana (Atse Yohannes) ascended the throne of Abyssinia …he became proud exorbitant and insolent…and look to the land of Islam. And he sent his troops to the Red Sea coast where he took from the Turks (the Egyptians) several cities and put on the frontier the best of his men who are famous for cunning, bravery, and steadiness such as Ras Alula and others. Ras Alula was one of the famous and brave man in war, very experienced in the tactics of battle. He was a bone in the throats of British, Italians and Turks (Egyptian) Empires. Ras Alula and the Scramble For Africa Haggai Erlich p. 127 )

Professor Sven Rubenson wrote in, “The death of Yohannes finally presented Minilik with the opportunity for which he had been waiting for almost 25 years. He had been a reluctant vassal, and his contribution in defense of Ethiopia’s territory and independence had so far marginal: In the very last year of Yohannes’s reign, however Minilik came perilously close to allying himself with Ethiopia’s potentially most dangerous enemy, Now he needed the Italians more than they needed him. He wanted the promise rifles and more if possible. ……He was certainly aware that he would be requested to pay in terms future territorial concessions as well, if he succeeded to hold his own and eventual replace Yohannes as Emperor. It was in this situation the treaty of Wichale was conceived in Rome in August-September 1888. In the draft treaty, these concessions were defined by a line starting Anifilla on the coast, passing by and including in the Italian colony the village of Halay, Hebo, Akrur, Asmara, and Seazega and, after having followed the Anseba a short distance, running in a straight line east to west so that Bogos and most of other districts once held by Egyptians would go to Italy.” (The Survival of Ethiopian Independence, p. 384-85) Menelik seal and signature on such Treaties stands as a testimony to his selfish scarifies of Ethiopian territory [Eritrea] as the single most reason as the source of our present predicament, a historical backlash. It is no longer impossible for Ethiopian educators to close their eyes to the fact Menelik conspired with the Italians for 5000 rifles with Antonelli to stay neutral in the war against Italians and Mahdists. When Menelik had been ordered by Yohannes to take position in the field against Mahdists after their retreat from Tana, Menelik agreed to act only as a peacemaker between Yohannes and Mahdists.

commenter - 1586 days ago
I am an Oromo...probalby the native Cushites like the Agaw people are responsible for the construction of axum artifactcs. As usual Abysinians are swift at claiming the best of others as their own. Unfortunately, I carry an Ethiopia passport and consider myself Ethiopian but to the Tigray's- I have no claim over "your rocks" and neither do my Oromo nation. Takifachihut tegnu...just leave us (the oromos, amarhas, ogadenis, sidamas etc) alone and go live with your rocks.

This conflict among Abysinians about their own history, and the claim that Minilk colonized Tigray, is a just another prove that we(non abysinians) dont belong with these people.
commenter - 1657 days ago
ጆሮ ያለው ይሰማ!
commenter - 1660 days ago
commenter - 1660 days ago
commenter - 1709 days ago
It is very surprising what Tekle Yeshaw is talking about Emperor Yohannes. Esat why don't you ask or interview Mamo Wudneh about the history of Atse Yohannes.Tekle Yeshaw is not a historian. I have learned Ethiopian history in high school and at the Addis Ababa University. All what I learn is similar with what Mamo Wudneh writes. The Weyane groups whatever they write about Ethiopia is unacceptable and distorted, because as any true Ethiopian knows them they are frustrated bandas that don't have the morale and courage to writeour country's real history, but instead to defend a tiny Eritrea. I hope we Ethiopians will burn whatever they write about our country after liberation. Do you know that these Banda Weyanes don't know or accept Atse Yohannes? Because they consider him as nephtegna. I remember in the late 1984(E.C.), during Weyane leads the transitional government ,there was a debate between the Weyane agents and the well known Ethiopian hero Shaleka Demissie concerning the cessation of Eritrea from Ethiopia. Shaleka Demissie tries to convince them by giving an example of Atse Yohannes. He says, "Atse Yohannes is a true Tigray origin Ethiopian who gives his life to his motherland Ethiopia." Alemseged G.Amlak who was one of the Weyane agents replies to Shaleka Demissie that Atse Yohannes doesn't belong to the people of Tigray but belongs to you, Amhara Nephtegna. When I hear such shameful speech by G.amlak I was very shock, and it doesn't take me time to understand that my country is really falling under its enemy Weyane. After twenty years when I hear Tekle Yeshaw on Esat Tv, like G.Amlak disdain and degraded the past work of the great Emperor of Ethiopia, Atse yohannes without written historical document or evidence unwisely, his approach(feeling) looks like based on hatred and revenge to distort the past real history. We know that whether Emperor Yohannes or Emperor Menlik may made wrongs during that primitive time, because there was a high competition among all feudalist at that time for power. Our past history must be a lesson to this generation, if we want to see a united and democratic Ethiopia. In my way, I have great appreciation on the Esat interviewer Sisay Agenna for asking Tekle to clarify his comment, whether Atse Yohannes is an Ethiopian Emperor or Tigrian Emperor. I hope I expect other concerned historian Ethiopians to say something. "God Bless Ethiopia." Michael