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Documentary - Ramadan & Eid in Bati Wollo

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Posted: by commenter (2011-10-07 16:57)
to the guy who commented below as a response to that galla bitch-oromo bitch! i do not have any regret when i say that. let me correct your misguided information

1. First misguided understanding because of in accurate information
Wollo is not used to be called lakomelza! Lakomelza is just a name of a quarter around Dessie-not the whole region

2. 2n inaccurate information-Wollo is not named after the wollo oromo vis a vis! wollo is just the name of a region just like Gonder, and Gojjam! it has its own history-which will be told in the near future by its own people! there might be a confusion in the terminology just there is a name called Adama ( a hebrew word too) in Gojjam, so are the oromo's going to claim that Gojjam is oromo-pathetic people! The clue is in the language-both Amharic, Tigrenja, and oromonja, and other cushitic, and semitic languages fall in the language category called Afro asiatic. as such you will find words that looks like the same but different meaning.

3. The wollo province is used to be called Bet Amhara-not lakomelza ( Lakomelza as i said is a territory around Dessie-not the whole of wollo. the whole of wollo was refered to as Bet Amhara or simply Amhara or Amhara sayin which still exists.)

4. the gallas or oromos are latecomers-Islam in the region was older that oromos! Oromos was not islam or christian at the time. they have their own religion called waqaffana. they get converted to islam by the Argobas, Arab missioneries who happened to be at the south east of wollo before the oromos, and were mixed too-bastards), the others in Shewa converted to Orthodox christianity, those in wellega converted to protestantism. i hope i shed light on some issues!

As far as the name wollo, there will be a historical book that will come out in the near future! it is a very historical region in ethiopia-that has a span of life since the coming of Minilik the 1st. there are Debers, churches still these day! Example Tedbabe Tsion in Sayint which was renamed to Tedbabe Mariam after the conversion from Orit belief to Christianity. the church is active still this days! The first religious order of the name testament for the Amhara was codified in Debre Kelanto in lega anbo wereda east of Sayint! ...i can say a lot but not necessary right now

to the disillusioned oromos and gallas, you better come to your senses first for your own sake, and second for others. other wise it will dearly cost you, and your people. Abezachihut! enantema hulum bota ye oromo new bilachu be hilim alem tiwazikalachu! enanten ye mekoskusu demo ende Megalomitis- who has turkey nationality, and is Muslim fanatic is feeding you false information for his own agenda as described by the guy who commented below! any ways so the bati, and kemisse( by the way the word kemisse is not oromiffa-it is Arabic) oromos are late comers who converted to islam by argobas, Arab missioneries, and most of them are mixed-dikaloch! that is the fact.
Posted: by commenter (2011-10-07 11:44)
A guy who wrote that 'Amharas are immigrant ? are you out of your mind? Who is immigrant ?. I ithink you filled you mind with that Eygpian mad professor who hated Amharas for the sake of nile or O.L.F fabricated psudo history ? Do you know Wollo used to be called Lakomelza? Yes, an older name for Wollo was Lakomelza. The province was named after the Wollo Oromo, who settled in this part of Ethiopia in the 17th century. It is during Gragne Mohammed era that Oromos setteled those vast Lands to the north you claimed it as yours which I do not have problame as long as you want in to live in peace and behave good. Guys, let as live in peace.
Posted: by commenter (2011-10-07 10:45)
how ignorant is this little racist bastard who commented about Oromos and Amhara. There is no way u can be Muslim or even associated with any Muslims
Posted: by commenter (2011-10-07 02:24)
it is nice to see my people from North. What makes ethiopian muslim unique is that we all celebrate the same. Islam is all about living as ONE.

commentor below, I know all of you are not muslim. If you were a muslim you would not hate other race. In islam we dont say you are oromo, amhara, tigray, gurage and so on.

We all pray together. Ofcourse for Allah!
Posted: by commenter (2011-10-06 23:16)
Of course Amaraa are immigrants with no green card in Oromiyaa green land.

Amaraa follow there empty stomach because Amaraa land produce zero food. It is famine land. Amaraa move to all Oromo name areas like Finfinnee, Waalo, Dasee, Baatii, Shaawaa, Adaamaa, Diree Dhawaa, Haraar, Jiimaa, Walagaa, Baale, Biishoftuu.

Amaraa you land is Blue Nile and that is owned by Muslims of Sudan and Egypt! Amaraa you are cornered everywhere with Muslims. Your only cousin that is there is Tiigree and they are christian like you but you both hate eachother Alhaamdillaahii.
Posted: by commenter (2011-10-06 22:29)
ayeye! ke whala yemeta ayen aweta alu! ye engede lege! Ante gimatam! ategebe bitnor-weshelahen korche ketik wist neber ye miwetefew! Gimatamoch! tareku eko yetesafe new! be Amhara orthodox, weyim nefetenja sew alitesafem! ke Yemen bemetaw -ke grange gar zena wewal sesef yeneber ye arab faqi new-mesehafun kefelekew gezeche eliklehalew-gin donkoro silhonk-ende gimel shint titefale! zemedochehen be geze bitsebeseb yishalehal! tilam-shiritam Kereyu galla! tigist firacha yimeslachewal! enantenem bicha ayedelem-bereha layi ketemew be nedage zeyit alamachewin yemiyasfesmu hulu-eza medinachew dires heden ke ene kaba chew( ye jinneywochen aganentoch mesferachu) enkebrachiwalen! Gimatam zinbam hula! demo Amraa imigrant-hahahaha kebet kift afe! lekakemen be gimel chira aseren bemetachihubet enlikachewalen!
Posted: by commenter (2011-10-06 17:06)
commentator below you Amaraa immigrant.

Do you know Wollo is Oromo name land? Do you know Baatii is Oromo land? Do you know your minority Amaraa tribe and minority Amaraa religion Ortodox is not welcome in our country?

Only area in East Africa that is Ortodox is minority Gondaar (amaraa) minority Tiigraii (tigree) minority gojaam (amaraa) and you amaraa/tigree Eritreyaan cousins who speaks tigreegnaa the rest eriitreyaa are Muslim. Every tribe in Ethiopia is Muslim except for you minority in stone land Gondaar, Tiigree and Gojaam.
Shawaa is Muslim land that allowed you Ortodox minority immigrants in our land.
Muslims of every country in East Africa are one people.
Posted: by commenter (2011-10-06 16:57)
ye honachu koshashoche! midre galla tolo bilachu ke eza akababe wed metachihubet wed zemedochachu bithedu yishalal! alebelzya zer man zerachihun enatefalaen! gimatamoch! enanten bicha ayedelem eza mecca yalewin ye aganenet mesferya abren enkebiralen!
Posted: by commenter (2011-10-06 16:23)
yehonu kerefefoch ena aganentamoch! Ke eza akababe enatefachiwalen-be 16 jaw kilezemen-abatochachu yeseruten eminresa ayemeselachu! eza sifra yalachuhut be lela hager sifra layi nachu! Gimatamoch! Ezaw galla hager weyim Arabya megibat tichilalachu
Posted: by commenter (2011-10-06 14:21)
Posted: by commenter (2011-10-06 13:43)
mashallah batam dasyilale
Posted: by commenter (2011-10-06 11:27)
ethiotube is doing a good job, but their web player sucks, vids on this site have never palyed smoothly, break evry 15 sec. , pls do something. My ppl r too polite to write this, but all share my opinion.

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Documentary - Ramadan & Eid in Bati Wollo

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