ETV News - Money pledge for The Grand Abay Dam from Government employees and non-Government employees across continue

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ETV News - Money pledge for The Grand Abay Dam from Government employees and non-Government employees across continue


Ethiopian Calling


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commenter - 1684 days ago
"ደደብ ዓይምሮ መብሰሉ ላይቀር ማገዶ ይፈጃል"::
ሰለሞን ተካልኝ
commenter - 1689 days ago
This is EFFORT capital that has been stolen from Ethiopian poor people:

Almedan Garment Factory 1995 660,000,000 Birr Mekele Abadi Zemu
Mesfin Industrial Company 1995 500,000,000 Birr Mekele Arkebe Ekubay
Mesob Cement Factory 1995 240,000,000 Birr Mekele Abadi Zemu
Almeda Textile Factory 1995 180,000,000 Birr Mekele Abadi Zemu
Sur Construction 1995 150,000,000 Birr A.Ababa Arkebe Ekubay
Trans Ethiopia 1995 100,000,000 Birr Mekele Shimelis Kinde
Dedebit Saving & Loan 1995 60,000,000 Birr Mekele Atkilit Kiros
Ezana Mining Devt 1995 55,000,000 Birr A.Ababa Tewodros H.Berhe
Addis Pharmaceuticals Prodn 1995 53,000,000 Birr A.Ababa tAbadi Zemu
Tana Trading House Axion Assocn 1995 50,000,000 Birr A.A Sibhat Nega
Total Capital 1,868,000,000 Birr

Companies that did not make their paid-up capital public

Ambassel Commerce,Dinsho Share Company,Tigrai Tagai Association,Brook Chemical Share Company,Dashen Beer Factory,Express Ethio Travel Service,Tigrai Development PLC,Computer Networking Technology,Amhara Meleso MaquaQuam,Berhan Building Construction,Star Pharmaceutical Importers,National Electromechanical,Saba Emnebered,Guna Trade Services,Biftu Dinsho,Oromia Credit Bank,Adwa Flour Factory,Wendo Trading,Shala Advertisement,National Geo-Textile Trans Ethiopia,Tikal Agri Tigrai,Wegagen Bank,Alage Forest Products,Sebhat Nega PLC,Addis Transport,Walta Industry,Martha poultry,Dima Honey Process inf plant,Zeleke Agricultural Mechanization PLC,Tikur Abbay Transport,Beruk Tesfa Plastic Factory,Aberdele Animal Export Company,Maichew Particle Board
commenter - 1690 days ago
meles should contribute
commenter - 1690 days ago
ye ethiopia hezb deg new yawatal ene yemiferaw gen genzebu wed lela kis endayegeba new ebakachew bedeneb tekotatetu yaseferal hatiyat new ye dehan genzeb endatebelu bagebabu sera lay awelut.
commenter - 1690 days ago
oh egzabeher yebarekaciew
commenter - 1690 days ago
አቶ መለስ ዜናዊ: የኢትዮጵያዊኖች የክብር አባት:: እንደርስዎ ያለ ሁሌም ለኢትዮጵያ ይስጣት:: የስራ: የተግባር: የወንድነት: የጀግንነት: የአንድነት: የቆራትጥነት ስው ነዎት:: ከ80 ሚሊየን በላይ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ስለሚወድዎት ነው: ሁሌም ሀገራችን እንድታድግ የሚጥሩት::

የደርግ ርዝራዥችና የዲያስፖራ የወሬ ቅዥቢዎች እንደቀለሉ እንዳፈሩ ይኖራሉ:: ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር!!

በቃ ድህነት! በቃ ፈሪነት! በቃ አክራሪ ዲያስፖራና የፓልቶክ ወሬኛ! በቃ የዲሲ ሆዶ እና ጉርዶ!በቃ የነብርሃኑ ነጋና ግብረአብሮቹ ውሸት!
commenter - 1690 days ago
Worradda TPLF Propagandists , They come all the way from Ethiopia to America to convince us of their legitimacy.
You made our people to starve in Ethiopia while you bunch of looters lives a lavish life.
You manipulated the market, foreign aid, tax....
By the way, people do you know how much of the money will go to their pocket in the name of road construction, safety net program....
They are even selling land and when asked why? They say we don't care, its development....In Every business opened in Ethiopia there has to be one tplf member co-owning the business....if not, you will be out of the game for sure...

Life is getting worse for most Ethiopians and that's the reason why we say...JASMIN is coming to rescue the Ethiopian poor and you looters will face the consequences!
commenter - 1690 days ago
good job! bravo EPRDF!
commenter - 1691 days ago
Very Good , I am Very Happy !!! Good job EPRDF.