NEW HOT Ethiopian Song by Hodan Cabdiraxman ( MUST WATCH)

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Soo Dhawow Madaxwaynoow By Hodan Cabdiraxman (Somali Region, Ethiopia)


Ethiopian Calling


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This is indeed a GREAT song.

look at shabya spies in this room getting mad. Why you worried about Ethiopian Unity song?
Meles Zenawi is coming soon for you.
commenter - 1703 days ago
Ye Ato Netsanet Desta's son is busy badmouthing Amharas.
You really do have to know your limitations. otherwise, you will be punished
commenter - 1703 days ago
hodam cabdriver man?
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ቁሌታም ሸፋዳ ሶማሌ ተቆላችንብን እኮ! ጀላ ጠምቷታል እርግጠኛ ነኝ:-)
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The idiot guy commenting below. Dont copy paste your shit. We heard you already...on three videos. Niftam. You goal is to incite hatred. No one will buy your shit.

We know. You are a good Ethiopian. That is all we amharas want any ways. We are successful as what we started is now pursued by all people in the country. The goal is to have a united , powerful Ethiopia. If meles can do that, we are happy. If our next leaders is ethiosomal´, as long as they work to empower ethiopia, we will be more than happy. Don't try to incite hatred. Peace to all of US !!!
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This video is amazing to watch.
It shows every ethnic group except Amhara are raising the Ethiopian flag with Blue star.

When will Amhara Ethiopians join the 80% of Ethiopian Oromos, Tigray, Somali, Afar, Gambala, Sidama, Adere, Benishangul, Welaita,
Dorze, Konso, Gurage, Hadiya and others?

This will show them that United Ethiopia is for every Ethiopian!
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የ ሶማሊ ነገር መደርክ ላይ ማስቲካ አይይይይይይ