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Mike Endale - An Ethiopian-American success story : Part 2

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Posted: by [259ec7b9] Who is this(2012-11-17 13:16)
fuckin idiots….a bunch of uneducated retards commenting about a successful programmer.
Posted: by commenter (2011-03-30 22:02)
The commenter below - you seems to have a head in the size of teff grain. You are the type of person who would embarrass Ethiopians with common sense. Please keep on driving taxi and stop trying to comment on things that may be beyond your mind. By the way the guy is a programmer and an entrepreneur..
Posted: by commenter (2011-03-29 19:10)
So have you have not tell us why would anybody would get jealouse of this poor guy.The doesn't even know how to dress up or he doesn't care what people think of how he dresses.If I am this broke guy I would dress nice and look good at least the viwers won't know if I am a loser.This jokers could could get hair cut and clean up and look good and foool a lot people but he couldn't even pull that off.He needs a make over LOL.I check the web site and I still think this guy is a joke.
If I have success story to share with Ethiopians or anybody ...I would tell them what product I sell or the services I provid.Mike is fooling hismself with success that he can't show us but he sure loves to talk too much crap.He could a great sell man in the a lot....at the local car dealer.
Posted: by commenter (2011-03-29 09:32)
@commenter below, wo..wo..wo.. slow down your roll homi! why you got so much jealousy/hate? Well if you had listened to the interview, you wouldn't be asking this foolish questions. I'll save you the trouble though, go check http://www.blencorp.com/ to see what they have accomplished.
Posted: by commenter (2011-03-29 00:43)
Dude who would get jealosy of this guy.He didn't even try to dress up and put on fake success.Why don't you tell us what proudct this guy sells to make a living? You compare this loser to Tedi Afro? Tedi is ICO.Are you kidding us? Tell this is guy to cut his hair and shave that hair from his face ....get clean and dress up and go get a real job.If this guy has "Internet Cafe" back home providing computers services,sell tea,coffee,cookies,and etc....I can understand that....but this B.S an ethiopia-american success story doesn't fly with me.I only watch it b/c i like that interviewer lady.she is one fine Oromo lady.I hope she tells that loser to get a really job and stop fooling himself.
Posted: by commenter (2011-03-28 22:13)
I have to admit the interviewer is pretty!
Posted: by commenter (2011-03-28 22:11)
I see some habesha people showing jealousy over this guy. That is why Ethiopia is always behind. Habesha people don't like hard working people but they love azmari like tedi afro, zeritu, etc.
Posted: by commenter (2011-03-28 22:00)
Well done, Mike!
Posted: by commenter (2011-03-28 20:47)
This guy looks like a loser to me.He seems he spend millions of hrs online on computer and nothing to show for.He Success in doing what? What did this guy success at? Creating a web site? what proudcuts he sells? what services this guy provider? I can creat a web site myself.....it is not that hard...if you time & coputer at home you can learn without taking any classes or spending any money....if you have web site it doesn't mean you are making money or you made it.Dude go get a real job.
Posted: by commenter (2011-03-28 04:48)
Did u call this Success?? In the Eyes of professionals it is nothing. Kebade

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Mike Endale - An Ethiopian-American success story : Part 2

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