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Bilisummaa Coming To Oromia

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Posted: by commenter (2011-03-27 21:17)
I think Amaras are dead.I don't really worry about Amahars that much.Time is to rise up shake down TPLF and free our people from prsion and get our Oromai from TPLF crimes.We should also chase down land grabbers from our country Oromia.
End slaverly and get what you in 2011.Free Oromia.Free OPDO leaders.Live Free.
Posted: by commenter (2011-03-27 20:21)
End of Amaraa occupation and Tiigree occupation.

They started with the Amaraa Manaalik and Amaaraa Hailaa Saalaise both are killer!! Then Amaraa Mangiistu Hailaa Mariaam and now Tiigree Malaas Zaanaawii both are killer!!!

Oromoo never been from that country. We were forced to be by Amaraa Manaaliik.

Bilisummaaaaaaaaaaaaa coming soon!!!!
If South Sudan can do it Oromo can for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Added: 27-03-2011
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Bilisummaa Coming To Oromia Very Soon End Slavery in oromia.be happy.get happy.oromianews@yahoo.com copyright 2011 BilisummaaTV Oromia

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