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[Hot] New Music from Aster Aweke - Gonder

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Posted: by [caccefa8] Who is this(2013-10-17 13:23)
Posted: by [88da32d8] Who is this(2012-08-01 18:32)
yeci arogit ahunem talazenalech?
Posted: by [3aea6f29] Who is this(2012-04-19 22:28)
aster aweke e'nan hzibshin sleafekershin e'nam kelb enwedish alen. aster betam ewedish alehu
wendmish mandela u.s.a
Posted: by [e8a04112] Who is this(2012-02-26 22:54)
i love aster ur my hangover yonas gonderaw
Posted: by commenter (2011-01-27 11:06)
I myself a gondere I do not know the histry of gonder. Trully. I was dying to know the true histry of gonder. I heard many myths of fasiledes like who build the bridgs and churches and bridges. but I could not find the histy written by historian who made a reserch and find the truth about the civlisation taken place in the early 16th centuary in gonder.

realy it is very facinating to see this casles and briges still standing after 400 years. The most important question is what happend after the fasil administration. can any one tell me about this un answered qustions . aprciate if any one tell me what book to read to know about gonders histry
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-30 17:26)
I agree with the comment that was posted 15 hours ago. Also let us celebrate Ethiopiawinet among all regions and ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has many enemies who like to see her children devided. God bless Aster Aweke. God bless Ethiopia.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-30 02:04)
Love you Astuka, our legend!
Please my brothers don't reply for haters. They have no ethics otherwise have poor mind. Don't insult a group which does not represent an individual.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-29 19:39)
I love this song she is the best singer.Aster sing guragegna .way do'nt you say some thing about that,that means she was born gonder?this is woyane poletics . kefafileh gizaw .ye gonder ,yewolo yegojam, yeminjar,guragigna tigirigna oromina hulum yeteleyaye ye achefafer silt alew Amelmal Abate yetechawetechiw Gondere silehonech aydelem.
bahlawina yemiaschefir zefen silehone new .ETHOIPIA be andnet lezelalem tinoralech!!!!!!!

Posted: by commenter (2010-12-29 01:44)
Astuwa cant wait until your concert in Denver, I love you and your music. Best in Gondar tune and beat. Keep it up and proud to be Ethiopian.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-29 01:24)
I love this song and it is the best in Gondar beat. le chefera arief new.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-29 01:13)
I love Aster and her song. This is one of the best in her latest works. Love to be from Ethiopia also an Amhara from the historical place called Gondar.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-29 00:41)
you haters why dont you stop hating and enjoy this great song from one of the most revered ethiopian muscians.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-26 18:55)
commenter below, please understand what I was saying before you start opening ur filthy mouth. May be u do not understand the meaning of what a hater is. What do u gain when u hate on other cultures and religion?? Are you saying the hater comments below are constructive criticizims??? It is ok if you disagree with me but when u start hating my response to u is to wish death upon u.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-24 16:01)
Commenter below wishing death to haters is worst than hating one . what a dam ass hypocrite you are boy i personally love every body including you and meles zenawi i wish you and all the haters Merry christmas. btw what's keeping us poor is arrogant brains like yours who expect every one to think and feel like you when in realty the majority is hungry and miserable which makes your comment rubbish
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-24 11:11)
I do not understand that habesha ppl prefer to hate rather than enjoy life. it is this hate that made us the poorest ppl in the world. we should try to embrace our diversity and differences and work to build a nation with peace, prosperity and freedom.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-24 09:57)
The guy who wrote 21 hours go yo said You don't like the song becouse she sing about Gonder. Let me tell you some thing about Gonder. Gonder has a very reach histry. That is why people travel long distance to see this historical place. You must be an egnorant person. unlike yoour ancestor, Our ancestors build casls and bridges while your freat grandparent were walking naked with for limbs exposing their ass for stron g wind. do you Know The aksum about aksum oblisks and The Fasil csls in Gonder and Tigray. That is where sivilizetion in the world started. May be it may seem nothing to you but the the poeple like astu it is a big thing. let me give a little advise you son of bich . Just shut up. Ok.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-24 04:51)
Astuuu you did Great as usual! keep it well ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,everybody who minds narrowed better to wide she never did ethnically....which you saw what she did ever! Love you>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 22:51)
Essssssssssssssssssey! God bless you, Astu. You are always great.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 21:54)
yewukabiam zefen yebkana ye le mat mezmur yegemer agerachin yet der sa lech an chi ahu nim gon der gon der gele mele teya lesh yeneftegna zefen beka astina shikourina yene weleta ney mata mata encheferalen endefindata ney mata mata we love you astu
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 21:00)
eree bey gonder yegegnoch ager
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 20:56)
x die hard fan yemechesh meechase maalgoodenii ale oromo
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 20:14)
i hate woyane anbeta belita kulkal belita tu tu tu u arnt humanbeing
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 18:49)
ASTER, your voice will live forever!!! I listened to it ever since I was born and can't think of Musica without mentioning your name. የተቀደሰ ገና & የደስታ አዲስ አመት ይሁንልሽ ዉዲትዋ ጎንደሬ አክስቴ
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 15:57)
gondor gondor yeshele ager!
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 15:41)
አንዳንድ ፖለቲካ የከሰረባችሁ ስነፎች አርፋችሁ ሙዚቃ እንደማዳመጥ ለስድብ ትሮጣላችሁ አስቱ የዘፈነችው ለእምዮ ኢትዮጵያ ነው
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 15:35)
ማነው ቅማላም? ጎንደሬ? እንደ ጋላ ቅማላም የለም ጎንደሬ እኮ የጀግና እና የቆንጆ አገር ነው ደግሞ በኢትዮጵያነታቸው የሚኮሩ ናቸው እንድናተ ከሓዲ አይደሉም ቅማላም ጋላ
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 13:37)
why you bad ppl wrote bad comments GET A LIFE..GOD bless aster..WeLOVE YOU !!!!
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 13:23)
only the beat---ur voice as bad as usual.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 12:53)
asetu nice song wow wow
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 12:12)
i dont like this song bad quality what this about gonder? sing about another thing
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 12:10)
ቅማላም ጎንደሬ ጎንደር ጎንደር ይላሉ ደሞ ሌባ ሁሉ
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 09:50)
I love this traditional music Astu! Techefere... (``/``) Astu for ever!! /
_ /
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 09:37)
Ilike the tune of of gonder music with lovely vioce of aster aweke. respect the legenary Aster aweke.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 08:38)
Great!!!!!..... Astuka'yeee I Love you.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 07:17)
great wowwwwwwwwwwww
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 05:48)
WOW Great Song. Respect !
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 03:57)
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 03:50)
Nice Asto enjoy the music no politics please. even-though Gonder oppressed by the cruet government.
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 03:05)
nothing new!
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 02:30)
deros yekesere politica man yewdal so u stay in dc by washing ur dish atchekcheken
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 02:13)
Aster, do u realy know the people you sing for that matter. you always after money, u have never done to your country nothing except coming to dc to suck the blood of ethiopians,woyanewa aster, we know u r woyane,no more love fo ya.neway debebe, ephrem tamiru woyane, even the music quality it's not as such.kit lash woyane kehonish eko keremish, i boycot listening ya music.azagn kibe anguach, blood suckers
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 01:06)
woyanewa aster, we know u r woyane,no more love fo ya.neway debebe, ephrem tamiru woyane, even the music quality it's not as such.kit lash woyane kehonish eko keremish, i boycot listening ya music.azagn kibe anguach, blood suckers
Posted: by commenter (2010-12-23 00:10)
yes........ I am from Gonder and I miss them soooooooooo much but not only Gonder all ETHIOPIA are(feker). TNXS ASTOO you are lovely as uaual.

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[New Music] Aster Aweke - Gonder

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