Fincila Diddaa Garbummaa Oromiyaa

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Oromo nationalists in Oromia and around the globe commemorate the popular student uprising known as Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa (meaning Revolt Against Subjugation) that suddenly broke out on November 09, 2005 following the failed Ethiopian election of 2005 in which the Oromo was denied any meaningful representation./n



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commenter - 1577 days ago
omg, I cant believe some of the comments below. The disintegration of Ethiopia has already started with its head gone. some poeople dont learn from that and still want to maintain the status qo and accuse those who raise legitimate democratic questions as "Gentay", "ye shabia kitregna" etc. I am old enought to have witnessed exactly the same words being used by Derg agains woyane- the present absolute advocate of "unity". Minortity rule never lasts....the only way to keep the current ethio intact is to respect the rights of every nationality so they feel they belong in Ethiopia. You are preaching Ethiopianism on others...but an Ethiopia where I live as a second citizen under fear, insecurity, torture etc cannot be my country.
commenter - 1672 days ago
hi abdi t yolmeh are you here please send me email I'm your Grandson!Reza yolmeh
commenter - 2084 days ago
Have problem with afaan Oromo? No problem.
We'll surely tell you a translation in your language(afaan qawwee)too. Hopefully you will not miss a single word.
commenter - 2084 days ago
Some of the Habashas hateful comments that justify the question of Oromos

what the fucken language ,i cant understand but the picture is sad,

whats this major talking about with candle,he saying in tittle i think ,fincit with no hearing ability (duda)oromooooooo,has died ,he sounds like alshabab

I don't understand what the fuck he is talking about,it seems like somebody from oromo tribe in ETHIOPIA dead. what can i or we help to save his life?if you want to promote some issue here in ethiotube make your idea clear for the rest of us,otherwise we can't help you.or create "oromotube

gala ena ahiyan be dula new

What is oromo??? I only know gallas...

yene galla atgmamabena menew shewa\'\\\\\\\\\

timb galaaaaaa timb bichaaaaaaaa fuck all dammn galla.

Fuck you galas, you never had your own country..

Oromo's they never eat human. Don't tel lie.Only they use to eat KEMAL but ETHIOPIANS stop them..

the biggest head the smallest mind ANIMAL on earth the oromoo shata OLF.HAILU KITABA AND HIS NEIGHBORS;WHERE BEST GALA

u facking gala hailu you ware hangery to dath and my family helpe you out amara

enante gallawoch dro manm ayakachehum neber ahun smachehu meterat segemer ethiopiaweian adelenm malet gemerachehu drom manm ayfelgachehum ye shabia ktreghoch ye shabia buchilloch afehn zga dedeb mahayem hulla
tkekel now galla ye ethiopiawe melk yelewum endememeslegh kehone ke uganda saymetu aykerum

your mother fuker Galla go gerite and readit the history of GALLA book and you gonna know wher you come frome and you gona bake and fined your nationality frome Madakascare Ethiopia your dream you can't spleat ethiopian one country;one peopeland one Flag Green;YelowandRed

Mother fucker stupid gala--

We eritreans used to call the oromo people as "GAllas" in Asmara. There are many "Oromos" or "Gallas" in asmara being supported by issayas. They hope they will be free one day from ethiopia. But we always considered these people as ethiopians, because during the Derg Era most of the soldiers in eritrea were predominantly "Oromos" or "Gallas". Adious ethiopia is still in troubl

This garbage is from inferiority ridden Galla.

Tineb Galla!

You stupid donkeys oromia

gala hade meta le ethiopia menem yametakemew nger yalme hayliselasa nachew endhe yatgbuachu adell

you are gala, came from madagascar, fish kemeche jemro new ethiopian yehonew. wede metachubet indian ocean gebu. ethiopian satgezu lezelalem endetegezachehu tenoralachu. Amara and tigre yegezalu…

The list goes on.. will keep updating..
commenter - 2085 days ago
the one who speak here is alshaba olf,deep fuck
commenter - 2085 days ago
Stop tell us go to heel just b/c you don't understand Afaan Oromo or the name of the site is far as I know Oromos are welcome to this site"".You need to learn how to respect people who speak diffrent language from YOU.What is the matter with some Ethiopians.Just b/c you don't speak Afaan Oromo or this video is in Afaan Oromo and not in Amhric or English it doesn't mean every persons that come to knows Amhric or English.A person doesn't have to speak Afaan Oromo to understand it.They'r every tribes who live among Oromos who speak and understand Afaan Oromo and respect Oromo people.Stop tell us Go to hell just b/c you don't understand Afaan Oromo or the name of the site is are welcome here as well as any group.
commenter - 2085 days ago
ማሃየም ኦሮሞ ይየምትሉትን የመታወሩትን አታውቁም እኢትዮፐያነት ኩራት ነው
commenter - 2085 days ago
አንተ ከኒ በትች ያለሀው ጉርባ እንኳንስ ኢትዮጵያን ቀርቶ አባትህንም አታውቅ ምክንያቱም የሸርሙጣ ልጅ ነሃ:በኢትዮጵያ ቀልድ የለም:ኢትዮጵያዊ አይደለሁም ካልክ መብተህ ነው ጥለህ መሂድ:በአፍህ ብላበት እንጂ አትራበት::"ጃርቲ እንኩኒ" አለ ጋላ::
commenter - 2085 days ago
.....we will be there one day contribute some thing for OLF and ONLF we don't want hear the so called Ethiopia...
commenter - 2085 days ago
ከዚህ በታች ያላችሁ አንዳንድ ሃሳብ ሰጪዎች ታሳዘናላችሁ" እኛ ኦሮሞዎች ኢትዮጵያውያን አይደለንም እያሉ እይነገሩን በግድ አሹሩሩ በልዋቸው ነው የምትሉን ምን አይነት የሃሞት ከረጢት እናዳላችሁ አይገባኝም:: በርቱ ጥናቱንም የስጣችሁ::