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ETV News - Ato Arkebe Equbay appointed as Advisor Minister to the Prime Minister

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Posted: by commenter (2011-04-14 21:45)
Worradda TPLF Propagandists , They come all the way from Ethiopia to America to convince us of their legitimacy.
You made our people to starve in Ethiopia while you bunch of looters lives a lavish life.
You manipulated the market, foreign aid, tax....
By the way, people do you know how much of the money will go to their pocket in the name of road construction, safety net program....
They are even selling land and when asked why? They say we don't care, its development....In Every business opened in Ethiopia there has to be one tplf member co-owning the business....if not, you will be out of the game for sure...

Life is getting worse for most Ethiopians and that's the reason why we say...JASMIN is coming to rescue the Ethiopian poor and you looters will face the consequences!
Posted: by commenter (2010-10-29 19:40)
ምን ይሂን ወሪ ብለህ አፍህን ትክፍታለህ:እረስቺ ለካ ዉሻ ለበላበት ይጮሃል::
Posted: by commenter (2010-10-29 19:21)
what good does it make?it just another nonesense news.it is bs.
Posted: by commenter (2010-10-29 04:04)
weha kida weha meles
Posted: by commenter (2010-10-29 02:14)
no more HODAM
Posted: by commenter (2010-10-28 22:45)
wey metekakat?
Posted: by commenter (2010-10-28 20:42)
woyane melez
woyani equbay
in the place where not known discuss how to kill and stay

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ETV News - Ato Arkebe Equbay appointed as Advisor Minister to the Prime Minister. More officials were also appointed to different higher offices.

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