Ethiopia: Catholicism and Islam Part I

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Ethiopia is mentioned 78 times in the Bible and Ethiopia was the second country to officially recognize Christianity. Mark Riedemann interviews Archbishop Berhaneyesus D. Souraphiel, the Archbishop of Addis Abeba and President of the Bishops Conference of Ethiopia and Eritrea, about the situation of Catholics in this country and the relations with Islam


Ethiopian Calling


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commenter - 1055 days ago
After vomiting this white lies they don't have any shame to say that they are "religious". No wonder the program named "God weeps"
commenter - 1159 days ago
Jewish, Christianity,and Islamic religions coexisted in Etiopia for centuries. This was possible because of the cultural nature of Etiopians as a tolerant people. In fact Etiopians are very civilized in terms of tolerating different beliefs as long as they are not forced upon them.
Etiopia is the old name of the country. We can use the bible as the historical evidence for the name of the country. B/n 15th and 18th century European scholars tried to rename the country Abysinia in the new world maps at that time.
commenter - 1307 days ago
wat r u trying to say if u want to know the truth y dont u ask a muslim person this docmenterys is full of wrong imformation
commenter - 1925 days ago
who is come first bible or Ethiopia? if Ethiopia is kush none kush people are not Ethiopian? "Teret teret " Ethiopian history is still.
commenter - 1926 days ago
thanks addistube
commenter - 1927 days ago
catholic, it self created in 1000 AD!
commenter - 1927 days ago
but the priests and the churches included in this picture beside the archbishop and the theologians donot reflect any relation to catholicism but to orthodoxy rather!!!
commenter - 1928 days ago
ethiopia is really unique,
Tagel - 1928 days ago
የዱሮ ፍቅራችን!!!!!
እንዲህ ብለን ተጫውተን
ፍቅራችን በሰላም ክሁሉ አውግተን
ምንው ዛሬ ዞረብን ሰላሙን በጥብጠን
ፖለቲካ አይሁን በሰውነት ኑሮአችን
ፍቅሬ ያምር ነበር ትዝ ሲለኝ ጊቢያችን
የጥንት የጠዋቱ ሁሌም ታሪካችን
እረህ ምን ይሻላል ለዘንድሮ ወሬያችን
ይነገር ፍቅራችን የድሮ ካሳንችዥ ሃረርጌ ጊቢይችን
በዛ እንዝናና ረስተን የዘንድሮን ጉዳችን
ፍቅራችን በዋዛ እንዲው ስንባዝን
ሃገራችን ቆንጆ ዕረ በድሮ ፍቅራችን!!!!

ይህው ታሪክ አለን አለም የማይረሳው
እንግዲህ ይህን ነው እኔ የማረባው እናተም እንደዛው
ዛሬም አለቅሳለው ላገራችን ሰላም ጥጋብ ይሁን መላው
እመጣለው ላይሽ ኢትዮጲዬ መልካም ጸልዬልኝ መላው
እጽፋለው ብዙ ለመልካም ለሰላም
የተማርኩት ይህ ነው እናተም እንደዛው
ፓለቲካን ተወው ለዛ ለወሬኛው
ሲመጣ ለነገር ንገረው ፍችንን ለኛው
እኛ የምንሰማው አንድ ኢትዮጲያኛው!!!

ባጭሩ ቁረጠው ያን ፖለቲክኛ
እንግዲህ አስረዳ በክፍል አንደኛ
ጸሎቴ ይህ ነው ስቆምም ስተኛ
እንግሊዘኛዬን ለእንግሊዘኛ
ሰላሙማ ነበር በፍቅር ስንተኛ
አሁንም አምጣልን የዱሮን ጎደኛ
ሁሉም የናፈቀው ሰላም ሰላምተኛ
በርታ ኢቶጲያዊው በሰላም እንተኛ!!!

ሶሎሞን እንዳየሁ
commenter - 1928 days ago
Amichew Addistube,

I know where you want to go with your title for the video but it won't materialize.